How to get Your Songs Back of Your iPod With Senuti

This is for Mac users only. If you want a windows tutorial then post a comment.

I in no way endorse getting songs that aren't yours back of your iPod.


 Ok so go to this link:

Click download. It is a free and simple program to get songs back of you iPod. 

Download and un-archive your dmg.

Drag the Senuti icon to your Applications folder in finder.

Open Senuti and follow the installation guide. Then plug in your iPod-holding down option and cmd stops iTunes from syncing.

In Senuti a window will pop up. Select the songs you want and click transfer.

Now just wait! When your transfers are done(indicated by the progress bar in the bottom right hand corner), close Senuti and  sync your iPod.

 Well done! you just retrieved what is yours from your iPod! 

Now tell all your frineds how clever you are and make sure you direct them to: 

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