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To start off I will tell you what is:

Rewards 1 is a great site that allows you (by safely carrying out online surveys and offers) to get free things. As long as it is on Amazon you can get it. If you don't believe this is real then look at the section called testimonials. It has literally thousands of thank you letters and pictures to Rewards1. I have already received a brand new WiiMote from them.

First follow this link to Rewards1:


 Click: Sign up, fill in all necessary forms and then click  continue.

IMPORTANT: Make sure your email and address information is correct. We are not responsible if you have the wrong information on file!  

Once your account is activated follow the instructions below:

To get started, click Available Offers to view current offers. Select an offer and complete it by following the requirements. Once completed, you can select History to see a list of completed offers and how many points you've earned. Once you have enough points, take a look at what prizes are available and claim your prize at the Prize Claim Center!

In general, higher paying offers take longer, are more complicated, or require payment. Try some of the Free Offers first to get the hang on it. Follow the instructions carefully and you should see your points usually within 5-10 minutes of completing the offer. 

Once you have collected some points its time to get prizes.

To claim a prize, select 'View Prizes' and click the prize claim link for the prize you want. Prizes will take 0 to 3 days to process. View your prize status at the Prize Claim Center. REQUEST status means your prize is still pending and FULFILLED indicates that the prize has been ordered and will be delivered/emailed shortly.

All code based prizes (XBox 360 Live, Wii points, Habbo vouchers, Nexon cash, etc.) will be emailed unless otherwise specified.

IMPORTANT: Make sure your email and address information is correct. We are not responsible if you have the wrong information on file! 

Lastly, you may request us to buy you almost anything. It can be new or used items, auction items, gift cards, etc. The store you request your prize from must be from your country (eg. (US), (UK), etc.).

When filling out the Custom Order Form, provide the exact link to the item you want. Then give a short description or name of what the item is. The total cost is how much the item costs, including shipping. (Free shipping only if the item qualifies for Amazon Prime) Select the correct currency and the system will calculate an approximate cost in points for your prize and deduct it from your account. Keep in mind the conversion to points is only approximate - official currency conversion is done at the time your prize is processed. The message area is to leave us any special messages regarding this prize.

There is a 10 point minimum for custom orders, including the cost of shipping. This means your order must total 10 points or more after all costs. Merchant - Specify the seller of the item you want in the message area. - In general Ebay prize requests are difficult to fulfill as there is a delay between the time you submit a prize request and the time it's actually processed. You may request the "Buy it now" option but we can't guarantee that will work either.

Gift Cards - Keep these in mind as a gift prize alternative, especially if you plan to buy time sensitive prizes such as eBay auction items or Amazon 3rd party merchandise from the Amazon Marketplace.



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